Monday Storm is Trending Closer

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By Daniel Bittner on March 22, 2013, 5:22pm Last modified: March 23, 2013, 10:15am

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Looking at the latest afternoon models it is safe to say that Monday looks to be snowy. How much we will receive is still up in the air.

Looking at the 12z GFS it paints the picture that light snow overspreads all of Connecticut Monday morning and continues throughout the day before ending. The model only predicts light snowfall amounts. But, considering its earlier morning run, this model has jumped a lot closer to Connecticut. Also not to mention many of its ensembles paint a very snowy picture.

Looking at the Euro model this has also trended closer to Connecticut. But as of its morning run this model has only moved the storm slightly further north.

In terms of the NAM the latest 18z run has actually trended further south.

PREDICTION: It is still too early to pinpoint what exactly will happen Monday. But it is starting to look like light snow will develop Monday morning around 7am and continue through the day. As of now it is possible that some heavier snow brushes the coastline. In terms of amounts confidence is increasing that many area of the state may need those snow shovels. Stay tuned to

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