Monday Snow, Rain, or Nothing?!

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By Sam Kantrow on March 23, 2013, 9:08am Last modified: March 24, 2013, 9:49am

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While it's great to be back, the weather worries continue.  First of all let's talk about this weekend.  Low pressure off to the northeast is causing windy conditions and our northwesterly flow will cause a few flurries around today.  No accumulation is expected with these flakes that'll be flying.  Today we'll be below normal, and that depressing temperature theme will continue!

Tomorrow will be a touch warmer than today, and with less wind it won't feel as cold.

Now our attention turns to this storm for Monday.  Models are a bit confused about this storm.  GFS is showing most of the storm moving to the south, just brushing us Monday and Monday night.  The euro is even farther to the south, showing almost no precipitation fallin in our state.  The CMC shows not even a touch of precip entering the state!

On the other side of this, the NAM shows a major storm that will likely drop heavy rain and snow across the whole state, especially Monday night.

We'll keep you updated as new model runs come out, but here are my thoughts:

I think that we will see some mix and maybe a touch of snow with this.  The heaviest stuff will be falling during the night so it will be colder.  Will we see significant accumulation?  Probably not.  I also think the PM commute might be effected, although the time change means that what was 5pm before, is now actually 6pm so the temps won't be as cold during the PM commute as they might have been a few weeks ago.  Things will also calm down around sunrise on Tuesday.

After that, we gradually inch our temps up, but this weather pattern looks to stick around for the next week or so!

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