April Fool's Day Blizzard

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By James Heuschkel on April 1, 2013, 9:50am Last modified: April 1, 2013, 1:50pm

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This time 16 years ago a blizzard hit the Northeast and became know as the April Fool's Day blizzard. It caught many off guard because of its rarity. 

The blizzard hit the northeast on March 31st, 1997 into April 1st. It brought a combination of rain, sleet, and heavy wet snow into Connecticut. As you can see in the NESIS map, parts of the NE and NW hills received over 20 inches. The storm brought blizzard conditions with wind gusts that reached 40-60+ MPH. Some areas in central New York state and eastern Massachusetts received over 30 inches! This rare spring blizzard left over 700,000 people without power in New England because of the heavy wet snow. When the blizzard was going through cyclogenesis it reached a low pressure of 979 MB.

If you remember this storm well please share a memory with a comment below.

For a video of this storm, go to:

Sources: http://cstar.cestm.albany.edu and Accuweather.com

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