Northeast Tornado Stat of the Day 4.2.13

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By Quincy Vagell on April 2, 2013, 2:55pm Last modified: April 3, 2013, 10:33am

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The above graphic shows tornado frequency per county between 1952 and 2010.

Stat: The only county in New England to observe 30 or more tornadoes between 1952 and 2010 was Worcester County in Massachusetts. 

The western half of Connecticut is in a yellow shading, meaning that that part of the state was recorded more tornadoes than the eastern half. 

When looking at the Northeast in the above map, many counties above are grey. That means that tornadoes have been a relatively rare occurrence there. It can be noted that a mini "tornado hot-spot" zone stretches from the Hudson Valley in New York up into western Connecticut and much of Massachusetts. Terrain influences, such as the Hudson River, Berkshires, Connecticut River valley and the Worcester hills may play a partial role in that. Notice that the coastal plain across southeastern New England has a relatively low frequency of tornadoes. A marine influence can often limit the ability of tornadoes to develop.

The case of Worcester County is pretty interesting though. Some of the most severe tornadoes on record hit that part of Massachusetts. 

Since 1952, including 2011, at least five (5) F-3 or stronger tornadoes have hit the county. One of the most famous was the F-4 tornado of June 9th, 1953, that left over 1,000 people injured and caused nearly 100 causalities. An F-3 tornado was also reported that day. Another F-3 tornado hit the area on October 3rd, 1970. June 22nd, 1981 featured another F-3 tornado and the "Springfield" tornado of 2011 passed through southern Worcester County before dissipating. Click here for more information on some of these tornadoes.

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