Chilly? Really? Yup...That's The Trend Ahead!

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By Gil Simmons on April 10, 2013, 9:22am Last modified: April 10, 2013, 4:59pm

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What a day yesterday with a new record shoreline high temperature of 81°! Mild today, but cooler than yesterday. The general trend is for temperatures to chill with Friday for the chilliest day. Highs are only expected to be in the 40s before rebounding a bit this weekend.

Plenty of rain opportunities coming along with the cooler theme. First will be this evening and it may really pour for a few hours. A round of heavy rain is expected for Friday morning through early afternoon with drier air this weekend. 

The rain last night has lowered the pollen count a bit for today between 7.0 and 8.5 and likely to go lower through Friday before climbing again this weekend.

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