From Sunny & 80 to Rain & Sleet? Big Changes!

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By Gil Simmons on April 11, 2013, 8:55am Last modified: April 11, 2013, 3:06pm

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Talk about changes? WOW! This is the week. Our gorgeous stretch Monday through yesterday has come to a close. A chilly pattern is trying to take over. in the cooling process we are expecting more clouds today. Not much rain at all. 

Rain is the plan for Friday. I am expecting the heaviest between 9AM and 3PM. There are some layers in the atmosphere cold enough for a little sleet to mix in at times. You will need to find a heavier waterproof jacket for tomorrow! Highs will only be in the 30s to middle 40s at best. I think one inch to just under two inches will be common for the big total. This is a good soaking rain for any fertilizer you may want to put down. 

The wind will be increasing tonight. I am going for some gusty winds Friday Morning. You may want to put an extra line on your boat if you put it in the water already. 

The heavy rain will be gone by Friday evening. Linger clouds may block the sun for much of Saturday. A brief shower possible Saturday night before nicer weather comes in during Sunday. Cool and bright weather expected. 

Warmer with a few April showers next week.

Please check my video for the latest weather trend through the weekend.

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Have a great day! 

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