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By Erika Martin on April 26, 2013, 8:58pm Last modified: April 27, 2013, 8:48am

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Mostly clear to clear skies for tonight, but with few clouds out there, daytime heating escapes and tonight will be a chilly night, with mild winds.. Otherwise high pressure system in control and the weekend looks fantastic!

Sunny for tomorrow, and warm, with mostly sunny skies for Sunday--Sunday is my pick of the weekend, because it will be a few degrees warmer! Building clouds on Monday and keeping it mostly cloudy on Tuesday. I posted a technical discussion last night regarding the potential for rain in the upcoming week. Added extra clouds on Tuesday, sun and clouds for Wednesday, but monitoring what could be a wet end to the following. Clouds increasing on Thursday and Friday. Added showers for the second half of Thursday into Friday...still tracking.

Have a great weekend!

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TONIGHT: Mostly clear, and cool. Low to upper 30's.

SATURDAY:Keeping it sunny for your Saturday. Highs: 69-70

SUNDAY: Beautiful, sunny, high pollen count. Highs: 70-73

MONDAY: Clouds building later...extra P.M. Upper level moisture. Highs: 65-69

TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy for now. Highs; 62-64

WEDNESDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs: 64-67

THURSDAY: See building clouds, and that could bring some wet weather. Let's keep it dry for now!Highs: 62-64

FRIDAY: Lots of clouds possibly unsettled. Highs: 61-63

SATURDAY: Keeping it overcast, seeing watching a front and associated precip. in the picture. Highs: 63-65


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