Eating Healthy & Storm Chasing

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By Chandler Sullivan on May 2, 2013, 2:12pm Last modified: May 3, 2013, 9:42am

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Eating healthy is already a hard thing to do, but you should always do it. Exercise and drinking plenty of water can help as well too!
Here are some tips on staying healthy while Storm Chasing this season!

Water, we both hate it and love it! It is a key in staying healthy. Instead of picking up a soda at a gas station, pick up a water and a pack of water flavor that way it is not bland. Stores (Walmart, Target, & your local grocery store) sell these as well for a cheaper price in bigger bulks! You could also buy cases of water there rather than having to always stop. Put them in an ice chest and let them cool down. Whenever you stop for a break or to snap a quick photo grab one and flavor it up!

Fruits and Veggies are a great snack on the road. You could keep them in the freezer with your water as well! For fruits, grapes, apples, pineapple, and mango, these fruits are sweet and will last longer. Be sure to keep everything except the apples in the ice chest. Veggies, celery, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes, they are good for just something crunchy that you do not have to feel bad about. (HINT: Celery has NO CALORIES so you can eat as much as you want raw!)

Exercising can be easily done! While waiting for a storm or if nothing exciting is happening play a sport. Football is a good one to play seeing as there is enough people and you really only need a football itself. Basketball not so much if out in the middle of nowhere but if in town and you can find a court go for it! Jogging or running is good also and can be done anywhere. If you’re at a hotel they might offer amenities like an exercise room. Also, you can come up with something on your own to keep your heart rate pumping and those calories burning!

Eating three meals a day with snacks in between meals is good for keeping your metabolism running on high. Not only do you need to be healthy but you need to always stay safe while storm chasing. Combining some of the things, but not all at once may help you this season if you’re trying to lose a few. Remember fast food may taste good but putting that in your body is helping you none. These are some of the basic steps in becoming healthy chasers. 

Be safe chasers and have a wonderful season!

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