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By Erika Martin on May 8, 2013, 8:16pm Last modified: May 9, 2013, 9:32am

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Low that I've been watching since last week, moves NE and while it isn't going to bring us much more rain, it will help us out. This system is moving NE and as it continues its path from the SW. While I do think this system has lost a lot of its steam, I do expect some more moderate showers later this evening, and possible thunder, but this system has really lost its punch. I'll be tracking for you...

With that said tomorrow doesn't look like a washout, but somewhat grey and scattered showers. This low moves on and another follows slides in from the west. Friday starts off dry, and clouds build with showers and a chance of P.M. thunder . Saturday will be unsettled, all day, and looks like the system really does clear by early A.M. Sunday.

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TONIGHT: More rain moving through and still leaving the threat of thunder. Foggy night. Lows: 53-55

THURSDAY: Scattered showers, still grey, but intermittent showers as low moves NE. Highs:66-69

FRIDAY: Break in rain as second low moves in, partly cloudy start with rain later, also adding thunder. 77-83

SATURDAY: Overcast and rain, talked about the threat of thunder, just verbal mention for now. Highs:73-75

SUNDAY (MOTHER'S DAY): Looks like everything clears by noon. Leaving clouds in. Highs:69-72

MONDAY: Mostly sunny skies, cooler start to the week. Highs:64-65

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and cooler, chilly start. Highs:64-66 

WEDNESDAY: Overcast and looks like rain moves in. Highs:69-71

THURSDAY: Keeping mostly cloudy for now, but may see showers: 68-70

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