Double Trouble! Another Meteorite Impacts CT

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By Jay Dobensky on May 10, 2013, 9:30am Last modified: May 13, 2013, 11:37am

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The Hartford Courant

It has happened again! As reported by numerous news outlets tonight, Dr. Stefan Nicolescu at the Yale Peabody Museum confirmed that it was a meteorite that fell in the yard of a home in Waterbury, just a few days shy of three weeks after the meteorite story I was able to cover from neighboring Wolcott. The Waterbury meteorite was basically in one piece, unlike the Wolcott meteorite that broke into a few pieces after striking solid objects as it crashed through the roof of a home.

According to Dr. Nicolescu, the Waterbury meteorite is most likely related to same area of origin as the Wolcott meteorite, and weighed in at 1.6lbs...heavy when you consider it was just larger than a baseball! 

Well, that's two impacts in less than three weeks in Connecticut, after just a couple of other recorded impacts in the states records. And I know that everyone else covering this story has pointed it out, but it is fairly odd to think that all of the towns affected began with the letter "W". I wonder who's next?

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