Frost/Freeze Tonight? Protect Your Garden

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By Greg Horan on May 13, 2013, 10:00am Last modified: May 14, 2013, 9:24am

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Typically by May 6th the frost potential is over for inland southern Connecticut, however tonight a Frost Advisory has been issued for northern New Haven County, with a Freeze Watch for southern Litchfield County!  Temperatures may actually stay above 32 at roof level, but at your garden at ground level, the air will likely be a few degrees colder and frost will be likely by morning!

If you have tender vegetation, here are some suggestions for protecting your garden:

1. A simple solution for a larger in-ground garden is to place a drop cloth or blanket ovethe garden at night, this way the frost will likely not hit the plants. Be sure to take the blanket off in the morning to allow for sunlight.

2. Bring anything inside that can be actually carried or wheeled.

3. Small plants can also be covered with glass jars, paper cups and milk bottles with the bottoms cut out.

4. If a light frost is expected, and not a freeze, a decent watering late in the day can actually prevent frost from forming. If it's too cold though, ice could form and actually cause damage.


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