CT Chill Keeping Cicadas Underground for Now

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By Darren Kramer on May 15, 2013, 10:00am Last modified: May 16, 2013, 2:32pm

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The chilly couple of days we’ve had this week are not only putting a crimp in our springtime mojo, they are delaying the coming eruption of cicadas that have been lurking a half foot below the grass in your yard since the Clinton administration.

As you’ve probably been hearing, billions of so called “Brood 2 cicadas” with their black bodies and red eyes, emerge from the ground every 17 years, for a wild few days of sex and death. Our last tangle with Connecticut's "Brood 2" was in 1996.  The evening chirping mating calls are so loud, it can be tough to hold a conversation. This recording really doesn’t do them justice, but it was taped during the last cicada eruption around here in 96.  This was recorded in Bedminster, New Jersey.


Many a bride has wept over rain on her wedding day.  How about a swarm of shrieking bugs crawling all over your guests?  Here is some video from a wedding that happened right in the middle of Brood 2 in 96.


The cicadas usually emerge around the end of May, but are triggered to wriggle out of their 17 year dirt hideout not by time, but by temperature.  The ground temperature eight inches below the surface has to hit 64 degrees for them to stir and dig their way out.  Right now, volunteers all over the country are monitoring the ground temperature, helping researchers track the coming cicada eruption.


If you aren't wild about bugs, don't panic. cicadas don't sting or bite.  They might try to land on you.  And if you're brave, you can eat them fresh at a New Haven restaurant.


Bon appetite!

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