Baby Supercell 6-14-13

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By Stephen Barabas on June 15, 2013, 6:34am Last modified: June 18, 2013, 11:32am

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A rather interesting thunderstorm rolled through parts of Connecticut on the 14th.  It was definitely a pretty nice photo opportunity if you had the chance to witness the storm cell.  I call it a baby supercell since that's pretty much what it was.   From a distance this storm had a nice, explosive updraft that was sheared off at an angle, along with a pseudo-mothership appearing base.  I was basically underneath it so I didn't get photos of the entire storm.

As it came over there was a lot of low level turbulent mixing evident, which gave the appearance of rotation (which was rotation, but not of the tornado nature).  I gathered this rotation due to the storms hail and rain cooled downdraft pushing out, causing eddies and coincidentally enough this also resulted the motion of a cylindrical SCUD band cloud which would appear to be like a funnel but was not by any means.   This storm had a lot of characteristics which could fool people into thinking it was tornadic or producing a tornado! 

It produced gusty winds, heavy rain and dime sized hail for about 5 minutes before passing.   Mammatus clouds followed.


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