Summer Arriving on Schedule

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By Nick Szankovics on June 19, 2013, 2:22pm Last modified: June 20, 2013, 2:31pm

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After a small bout of 2 days containing some strong/severe thunderstorms here in Connecticut, we turn our attention to the skies once again. This time, it is not storms we are looking to experience, it is heat and humidity that normally arrives a bit earlier in the years of the past. However, late as it may be, the feeling of summer will overtake the area as we move through this weekend into early next week. Temperatures will begin to climb after today's cool and dry feeling, the humidity holding off until Friday/Saturday. So what are we expected to experience?

Today really will be a winner of a day, Mostly sunny skies, low humidity and comfortable temperatures with very little in wind. Fast forward to Friday and you will begin to see temperatures moving into the low 80's for much of inland Connecticut, and humidity will be on the increase as well. This will also enhance the marginal chance we see some thunderstorms developing from the heat of the day in a typical summer-time afternoon storm setup here in Connecticut. Not everyone will get the storms, but those who do may see some isolated stronger cells. As we move into Saturday and Sunday we will see the temperatures move a bit warmer, with temperatures reaching towards the mid 80's with a bit more humidity to work with, giving a better chance for those summer-time pop-up thunderstorms. At present time it does not look like severe weather outbreaks, just isolated storm formations that quickly collapse with the loss of daytime heating.

By early next week (Monday/Tuesday) we will start to see 90 degree readings trying to make their way into Connecticut. Nearly every computer model available has some variation of these temperatures, some keeping the temperatures into the upper 80's, some going as high as the upper 90's. What is for certain is that it will be warm and muggy, temperatures somewhere around the low to mid 90's for a majority of us here in Connecticut. With temperature and humidity combinations like this, we could easily see a pop up shower or storm at any point after 1 pm est.

For a spring that has given many doubts that summer will ever get here, it is nice to finally see the signs coming into place to usher in the season, and on schedule as well as summer does officially start on June 21st. But remember, with the summertime heat and humidity, many dangers exist, such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and sunburns. Make sure you wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, go into a cooled location and check on family and elderly to ensure they are safe. Also make sure your pets are safe as well, making sure they are hydrated and aren't exposed for too long in the heat.

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