After a short break, the high heat/humidity will make a return

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By Paul Taschereau JR on July 13, 2013, 1:51pm Last modified: July 13, 2013, 1:51pm

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Since about late June/early July, our weather pattern has been dominated by a very strong Bermuda High.  This has lead to the very hot/tropical conditions we have been dealing with for the better part of the past 2-3 weeks.  Over the past few days, the Bermuda High has weakened somewhat and moved further south.  This allowed a cold front to finally push through the region late on Thursday ushering in some cooler and drier air.  This cooler/drier air will be rather brief, however, as high heat/humidity is right on our door step.  

This Saturday has started off rather miserable, cloudy, cool, damp, and showery.  This is all in response to a warm front which is slowly lifting northward.  Once the warm front moves through the state, dewpoints will climb very quickly as a warmer and more humid airmass makes a return to the state.  

The warm front will slowly move through the state throughout the day on Saturday and by Sunday we will be right back into those uncomfortable conditions and we will begin yet another heat wave, and believe it or not, this upcoming heat wave could even be a tad worse than the previous one.  It's a bit unclear right now if we will actually see any 90F readings tomorrow as some cloud cover and the threat for showers/t'storms could hold temps back from reaching 90F, however, on Monday everyone away from the immediate shoreline will be well into the 90's and this should last throughout the week until the next cold front pushes through sometime next weekend.  We are looking at least 4-5 and possibly 6 days of 90F+ readings across many locations and it's even possible some locations get well into the mid to upper 90's on a few of these days.  

Besides the high heat we will also be looking at very high humidity levels as dewpoints will be well into the mid to upper 60's to even lower 70's at times.  This will create hazardous outdoor conditions as heat index values could exceed 100F a times across spots, especially during peak heating.  The combination of heat/humidity will make it extremely uncomfortable outdoors and anyone doing outdoor activities is strongly urged to drink plenty of water, even if you don't feel thirsty, as dehydration and heat sickness can set in very quickly.  

As we move into the end of the week and towards next weekend, several medium/long range computer forecast models develop a trough to our west over the Great Lakes region.  These models then move the trough east, sliding  cold front east and through the state sometime next weekend and would then offer some more relief.

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