Extreme Weather at Solar Youth!

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By Solar Youth on July 19, 2013, 9:10am Last modified: July 20, 2013, 6:19am

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Hello WXedge!

We have been very busy at Solar Youth summer camp! We have been doing various activities that relate to weather, especially extreme weather.

Everyday, during morning meeting we do "Weather or NOT" where we track the weather for the day. We have been tracking the current heat wave including forecast components such as: temperature and humidity.

Our stewards have also learned about the water cycle and how wind works by singing our water cycle and wind chant. The words of the chant are as follows: "Evaporation, rises to the sky. Condensation makes the clouds. Precipitation: rain, sleet, snow and hail runs off the surface and infiltrates the ground until it meets the ocean, woo! Hot air rises, cold air falls and the wind goes 'round and 'round!"

Additionally, we split up our stewards into three teams: Windy, Rainy, and Sunny. Campers have been participating in challenges within their teams that all relate to weather. The winners of the challenges earned points for their entire team. The first challenge was the song challenge. Stewards had to work as a team to create a song that taught others about weather. Topics included wind, extreme weather, and the sun. The second challenge was the game challenge. Participants were asked to create a game that allowed others to practice their knowledge about weather. A clever game that our stewards thought up was "WEATHERopoly." This game is set-up similarly to Monopoly; however, the game contains cards that asks questions about weather concepts such as: temperature, climate, and clouds. Lastly, the final challenge was the video challenge. This challenge asked for our stewards to create a video that illustrated extreme weather to others.

Thus, our summer here at Solar Youth is busy as always! We will check in with you again very soon!

P.S. We also enjoyed our trip to the WTNH station! Thanks a bunch!

Thanks again,

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