Week Ends, Warm-up Begins

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By Quincy Vagell on November 9, 2012, 3:50pm Last modified: November 10, 2012, 3:50pm

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ECMWF 500mb height forecast for Sunday morning.

Despite a snow storm two days ago, a significant warm-up is in the forecast.

Gil has been mentioning 60's in his forecasts and temperatures like that are looking quite likely for this upcoming Sunday and Monday.

How warm?
I'm looking ahead to Monday and there are indications that temperatures could go even higher, perhaps warmer than some forecasts...60's would be a safe call, but could we push 70? Check out the next few slides for more information.

As high pressure towards the East Coast on Saturday, temperatures will begin to inch up and winds will finally slack off. Although it will stay on the cool side, afternoon high temperatures should still reach the 50's in most areas on Saturday.
By Sunday, high pressure moves offshore and winds shift around to the south. This will help draw warmer air up from the south and push high temperatures to near or a few degrees above 60.

Below is the ECMWF analysis for 500mb heights today, signaling cool air for now:

Images in this slide courtesy of Plymouth State's Weather Center 


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