Not One, but Two Storms to Track

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By Quincy Vagell on December 11, 2012, 5:10pm Last modified: December 12, 2012, 4:59pm

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(Erika and I discuss COMPUTER MODEL FORECASTS in the video above.)

A storm system may bring mixed precipitation or even snow for Sunday into Monday. That storm does not look major, but it could be a nuisance, especially across inland Connecticut.
A second POTENTIAL storm is also being tracked for next Wednesday...

It looks like low pressure will move into the Great Lakes on Sunday. The current forecast brings mixed precipitation or plain rain into the area during the day. As a new low pressure center tries to form south of Long Island, this could bring colder air into Connecticut. The result, if there is enough cold air in place, could mean accumulating snow for some areas on Monday.
Just a few days later, there are indications of a potentially larger storm developing along the coast. The ultimate storm evolution and track will determine if our area sees snow, rain or is missed by the storm completely.

The 12z GFS continues to show rain on Sunday changing over to snow for inland Connecticut by Monday. An inverted trough feature enhances the precipitation, meaning an extended period of snow lasting into Monday night for some areas.
Although the Euro is not as robust with the snow, it has certainly trended colder.
As for the middle of next week, both the GFS and Euro have trended colder for cyclogenesis off the mid-Atlantic coast. There is a lot of uncertainty with an 8 day forecast, so details will be ironed out with future computer models.

It should be noted that although the pattern appears to be trending colder and snowier, there is not a lot of certainty with forecast specifics. There is no guarantee that a winter storm will impact Connecticut, let alone two. However, the current forecast models do indicate the potential.

Stay tuned to for the latest forecasts and discussions.

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