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By Sam Kantrow on December 14, 2013, 8:19am Last modified: December 15, 2013, 8:13am

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Welcome to our first real snowstorm/noreaster of the 2013/2014 season! With that being said, I'm happy that it could not have fallen on a lesser impact timeframe of the week. The only thing that stinks is that there are a lot of holiday parties around the state so those will likely need to get canceled!  Here are the storm specifics:


Roadways start getting a bit slick during the day, but the DOT will likely be able to keep up with things. A few inches of snow should slowly fall during the day (especially in Western CT). Visibility won't be great and the road will be okay at best!


Things deteriorate sometime after 7pm.  Snow starts falling much more heavily across the state, visibility drops, and so do the roadways. During the evening, everyone sees snow even at the shoreline before we start to see a changeover. An additional 3-6" of snow likely during the evening.


After midnight, temperatures will continue to climb and eventually get above freezing at the shoreline. Snow changes over to rain especially in Southeastern areas sometime after midnight.  Inland we should see snow changing to a mix and freezing rain just before sunrise tomorrow. Overnight accumulation at the shoreline will be a few inches at most before some of it washing away from rain/warmer temps. Inland will likely see 3-6" more snow during this time.

Finally we get to tomorrow where things taper off during the morning, and temps should get a bit above freezing, especially at the shoreline to clean up the snow!

I'll be in the WTNH Mobile WX Lab tonight and Erika will be in studio with updates throughout the storm.  My best advice...stay inside until tomorrow morning!  Things tomorrow will be much better!


Check in with me on Twitter/Facebook for frequent updates throughout the storm! 

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