Bitter Cold To Very Mild: Which One Will Take Over?

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By Zachary Duhaime on January 2, 2013, 9:43pm Last modified: January 3, 2013, 5:13pm

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Over the past week or so, we have entered a more “winter like” pattern with a few nuisance systems and a bigger storm on December 29th that dumped around a foot of snow in the southeast part of the state. But just a few weeks before that, we saw temps soar into the mid and upper 50’s throughout CT.

For the next several days, temps will remain below average with highs not even making it above the freezing mark! While this is not an extreme or record breaking cold spell, it is some of the coldest temps we have seen in over a year. Some spots may dip a degree or two below 0 and for the wind chill, it will make it feel like the single digits and low teens for the next several days, even if the temperature does make it into the 20’s and 30’s. But is it possible that we will see temps in the 50’s by mid-January?

YES! A few of the weather models especially the EURO has been hinting that 50 degree readings may make their way into CT in about seven to ten days. Now remember, this is long-range forecasting so I am not saying this WILL happen but just saying it’s possible. Going back the cold spell, most models overestimated the severity of the cold air, some even had lows several degrees below zero and highs in low teens and upper single digits. So it could be very possible that once again the models are a bit overdoing how mild it may get over the next week or so.  Just stay tuned to that.

Now for the rest of the winter… After looking at the current pattern and the position of the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation), we will LIKELY see a return to cooler temps and perhaps a snowier pattern to close out the month. But there again, there are signs that show some mild spells will also occur. So my personal call after reviewing several different components is that we will see near average temps for most of the winter with powerful but short lived cold spells and warm spells. And yes, I also do expect at least a few more major snowstorms but some of which may be a “mixed bag” type storm with all types of wintry precip as well as a few plain rain events.

So keep it tuned to as well as my twitter page (@zduhaime13) for the latest developments of this winter season and daily forecast updates!


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