Nick Tomchik

Hi there, 

My name is Nick and I am 18! I am an advocate for LGBT rights, the (former) Founder & Editor-in-Chief of United FM Radio, a Founder of the Commission for Student Rights, a former member of the Torrington Mayor's Committee on Youth, and the former advisor to the Superintendent of Torrington Public Schools. I am also a Skywarn spotter and amateur radio operator (KB1YIN).

I enjoy journalism, communications, broadcasting, marketing, public relations, and maritime transportation. After high school I would like to attend the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Connecticut School of Broadcasting, or a journalism school. I joined WXedge because I love journalism. WXedge was actually my first ever freelance opportunity.

I was born and raised in Naugatuck until 2005. After that, I moved to the very unpredictable northwestern hills of Connecticut. In October of 2014, I moved out of Connecticut to pursue other opportunities in Maine. At this point, I plan to bring a little touch of northern New England to the WXedge team.

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Latest Articles

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    It has been outrageously cold lately! Where are those 50° or even 60° days? We had a few of those nice warm days not too long ago and it wasn't even spring yet. The temps would be warm one...
  • Winter Weather Preparedness
    As we enter the winter of 2013, there are some things you should keep in mind.  This topic may be repetitive, but some of these "tips" are crucial to your safety and even the safety of the people...
  • Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share
    With every big mess, comes a big cleanup. There were various snowfall amounts throughout the state, but we could all agree on one thing, THERE WAS TONS OF SNOW LEFTOVER! Take my house for example;...
  • Monday Morning Moan's and Groan's; Small Wintry Event
    A wintry mix will occur between Sunday night and Monday morning that will bring a slight disruption in the morning commute. We already have all of this snow and now we will add this wintry mix on top of...
  • Did Somebody Order Snow? Blizzard of 2013
    Over the past 24 hours, a historic storm named both Nemo & Charlotte made its mark on New England as well as other states to the west of us. A HUGE amount of snow seemed to dump from the...
  • Global Warming
    Global Warming has been an ongoing debate since the 90’s. Some believe it is happening and some don’t, some just believe what the government tells them. There are many factors to consider...
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