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Hello WXedge community, fans and newbie’s, I am the Community Affairs Director here at WTNH Channel 8! I love learning about all the organizations, people and events in our Connecticut communities that are bringing hope and awareness to a variety of causes. Sometimes it’s in fundraising dollars and sometimes it’s in education.

I am a bleeding heart, political junky, science fiction and fantasy geek, singer song writer, guitarist, dog lover, fashion lover, vintage fanatic.  I believe in spreading the philanthropy spirit. You don't have to be rich; sometimes participating means donating your time or your mind. Other times it could mean being a recipient of the generosity of others. I believe in the power of community and building bridges between the private, public and nonprofit sectors. We all need each other-so let’s work together!

Weather is fascinating to me because it is something we all experience every moment of our lives--it can be both mundane and powerful.  It affects so much; from the clothes we wear, what we buy and eat to the conversations we have. is a platform and a megaphone for those conversations. I love the diversity of topics and contributors.

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