Mike Moran

Hi- I'm Mike Moran.  I have been a weather nut since grade school.  We moved around when I was a kid, so I was able to see  hurricanes first hand, tornadoes and waterspouts in Florida, desert thunderstorms in Arizona, and the fruit of giant ocean storms as a surfer in California.  I flew in the Navy - the aircraft carrier's meteo office was right next to my bunkroom... Then a move to Connecticut and the delights of four seasons and winter storms.  All these experiences made me a committed weather geek.  These days, I am a pastor until the ocean stirrs up, then I revert to full-on surfer status (usually in Rhode Island).  

I love watching the models, reading the weather blogs and of course enjoying the show, whether it is bright fall sunshine on the beautiful leaves, snow piling up, summer thunder boomers, big waves for fun, or quiet early morning mist.  Weather's the best!

Latest Articles

  • How to Become a ''Skywarn'' Spotter
    The weather has been a little boring for weather weenies like me since the big snow December 29.  One way to break the boredom is to do what some of us at my church do every New Years Eve - and...
  • Season Confusion
    Watching with great interest the pattern change and the storms and rumors of storms... winter beauty coming soon? While most of us are thinking mistletoe and caroling with the crunch of snow underfoot,...
  • Storm may move a lot of seawater around next week
    It looks like the pattern that turned Sandy up and in, and that trapped last week's nor'easter into a slow motion snow maker will be with us again next week.  The models are showing a potential...
  • Sandy - Super-sized
    The upcoming storm may be bigger than you think.   This morning’s 06Z run of the GFS forecasts landfall in northern New Jersey.  Whew!  It looks like a “miss.”  Not...
  • Upcoming Storm to Bring High Surf
    To whet your appetite, here is a picture from November 2010 taken at Matunuck,RI.  The setup was an intense nor’easter stuck under a block and sitting about 250 miles east of Cape Cod. ...
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