Ryan Koschmieder

Hello everyone! Weather has always been something I've been fascinated about so I decided to go to Western Connecticut State University and get a BS in Meteorology. I graduated with a bachelors in Meteorology in the spring of 2009 where I also ended my 4 year collegiate career as a member of the WestConn baseball team. The job market has been tough so as of right now I currently manage the Groton GNC. This past summer I married the most beautiful woman Caitlin Beaudreault on August 17th, 2012. Where ever life wants to take me, whether as a hobby or a professional career, weather will always be the one constant obsession I just can't ignore. Every impending storm system, you'll be sure I'll be on top of it just like my colleagues and professors in the field. I've resided in Groton, CT my entire life so southeastern Connecticut will primarily be where most of my articles and pictures develop from. 

Latest Articles

  • Sandy's Impact in Southeastern Connecticut
    Various pictures taken during Superstorm Sandy along the coastline of Groton, CT. In this picture a once paved and clear roadway down by Eastern Point Beach in Groton was a scene to be had...
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