Trenton Thomas

This is me, Trenton Thomas. How do I start this I have no idea so I'll just start with the basics.

I'm 16 and live in Madison CT. Yes I know I'm from Madison but I'm not the stereotypical person that lives there, TRUST ME. I have great friends and a loving family. (most of the time.) I snowboard and hang out in the woods, sometimes at the same time. I enjoy running around and playing games. I'm a sophomore in High School and get okay grades.

      Why I joined WXedge... Well I was always into weather but I wasn't addicted until after watching Twister. Then after that I would always research stuff about tornadoes and thunderstorms. After a year or so after I got into hurricanes, cloud patterns, snowfall etc. Being out in extreme gives me a major thrill. It's like when you're snowboarding or skiing and you go off a huge jump. Extreme weather gives me the same rush/adrenaline. Of course I'm careful about this kinda stuff just not as careful as some people are....



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    This picture might look beautiful and very powdery, but wait a few days after temperatures go above and below the freezing point. With freezing temperatures from the past few nights (or close to freezing)...
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