Katie Gallagher

Hi, my name is Katie and I study Media Production and Performance at Central Connecticut State University. I am an intern at WTNH News 8 and I love it! I am hoping to become a Multimedia Journalist or a Producer for the future. Follow me on Twitter @katiegallag ! :)

Latest Articles

  • Playing a Prank on Your Pals
    Hello Friday! And Happy Easter and Passover everyone! It’s that time of the year again…APRIL FOOLS! It’s this Monday, so you’ve got to get prepared. I’ve compiled a list...
  • Katie’s Tips to Survive Spring Break
    I’m jealous of all those going away for Spring Break this year. If you are, here are my tips! 1. Stay hydrated! I know it’s basic, but day drinking in the sun all day can lead to heat exhaustion...
  • Lighter Side of Snow
    This photo gallery is of recent Report It photos that were sent in. Hope you like it! : ) 
  • Katie's Travel Pics
    Here's some pics from my travels! :) Enjoy! 
  • Katie's Snow Shots
    Here are some Report It submissions of the snow; enjoy! 
  • Photos: Fun in the Snow
    These are some awesome pictures that people sent to us! Check it out! :)
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