James Heuschkel

 I am a 17 year old junior in high school andI live in New Hartford CT in the West Hill section  of about 1100 feet.

i love everything about the weather and am a Skywarn spotter for the NWS.  I also love watching and playing Ice hockey and any outdoor activities. 

Follow me on twitter at @jameshhenry

Latest Articles

  • 90's Next Week?
    This is the 18z GFS forecast highs for Tuesday afternoon. As you can see, it's showing low to even mid 90's possible with cooler temperatures near the coast. While 90's are possible Tuesday, the 12z Euro...
  • April Fool's Day Blizzard
    This time 16 years ago a blizzard hit the Northeast and became know as the April Fool's Day blizzard. It caught many off guard because of its rarity.  The blizzard hit the northeast on March...
  • No Need to Cancel Outdoor Plans on Easter Sunday
    This is the 18z GFS run from Friday pm for 8pm Sunday.  A cold front will move through Sunday night bringing all rain to us in Connecticut. The cold air will be delayed behind the front...
  • Get Out and Ski!
    It's mid-March already, but it's never too late to get out and ski! Although the slopes took a beating because of Tuesdays warm temperatures and rain, they are still going strong. Ski Sundown...
  • Snow Compaction at Work
    This storm that was predicted for a long time sure did over-perform, but only in some parts of the state. For example Granby CT had 2" of snow! and Tolland had 22.5". Now that is a large spread! I received a...
  • Snowpack Holding Strong in Some Parts of CT
    Current snow depths in CT, as of Friday. The highest in in NW CT and western Hartford County. This is a slide show of some pictures I took around my house this morning of the snow.  
  • The Icebox of Connecticut
    Norfolk, Connecticut is known as the icebox of the state for many reasons. Norfolk has the coldest average temperatures in the winter and summer months. For example, in January Norfolk has an average...
  • Elevation Matters
    Living on West Hill in New Hartford, elevation of 1,000 feet, I have witnessed many drastic changes in weather from higher to lower elevations within my town. I can remember well, even though...
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