Greg Horan

My love of weather started as a young kid. When I was a kid I would come home from school and watch the Weather Channel all afternoon and evening. I also had my first weather station on my roof when I was 13.

When I was 16, I would ride my bicycle over 10 miles from my house in New Haven to Bethany just to check out if there was any snow at a higher elevation.

As I became an adult my love of weather has continued.  About 4 years ago upon moving to Hamden, I became more advanced by installing a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station at my house. I am able to look back at past weather data from my station with software on my computer.

 Instead of my bicycle I now drive around in my car, during the Winter to check just where the rain/snow line is setting up in the higher elevations of Hamden.


I report my conditions to Gil Simmons frequently and I am also a Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service.  I spend my spare time outdoors as I am an avid hiker and kayaker.

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Latest Articles

  • Leaves Beginning to Change
    The leaves are continuing to change across the state. Today I was in Colchester and saw some fall color along the Salmon River.  Most of the area is seeing low to moderate color at this time. 
  • Summer Coming to a Close
    Summer is coming to a close this afternoon.Looking back at the summer it only reached 90 degrees 3 times in Hamden! It was one of the Cooler summers in about 5 years here. Some days through out thinner...
  • Still Waiting on 90 Degrees in Hamden
    It's June 24, and the temperature still hasn't hit 90 the degrees this season here in Hamden. 1 year ago today the temperature actually rose over 90 degrees with a heat index over 100! So far this month...
  • Hottest Day So Far this Year in Hamden
    The high temperature in Hamden yesterday was 88 degrees! It was the warmest day since September 11, 2013! Dew points were in the low 60s making it a touch humid, the maximum heat index was 89! On Monday...
  • Snow Remains in Canton
    Despite temperatures over 80 degrees this month, a snow pile remains in Canton! It's down several feet from 3 weeks ago but it's still impressive that in remains. This pile is most likely the only remaining...
  • Warmest Weather in 9 Months in Hamden
    The high temperature yesterday here in Hamden was 84 degrees which was the warmest day since September 12, 2013! It ended a streak of 3 days of temperatures in the 80's that started on Saturday in Hamden....
  • Trees Slow to Bloom This Spring
    Despite the last few days near 80 degrees. This overall cool Spring has delayed trees from blooming in far Northwest and Northeast CT. The highest elevations such as Mohawk Mountain are still showing mainly...
  • 25 feet of Snow in Canton!
    It hasn't snowed in many weeks and temperatures have been mild here in CT. Despite that a large snow pile remains in the Kohl's plaza on Rte.44 in Canton. This pile is historic for lasting well into May...
  • Impressive Snow Pack Remains in New England
    Here it is April 17th and an impressive snowpack remains across New England! One foot is common for inland section of Northern Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine, with some isolated Eastern...
  • Spring Snow affects the Region
    After midnight this morning an accumulating sleet with some snow occurred in Hamden. My car windshield was complete ice and took over 15 minutes to defrost. The street wasn't too bad as it was still warm....
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