Chris Stiles

Christopher Stiles is a senior meteorology major at Western Connecticut State University. His interest in weather started around the age of 5, when his parents would wake him up during the night to watch the bright lightning from thunderstorms in the low lying areas of Ft. Myers, Florida. His passion began to grow through the years as he watched The Weather Channel Endlessly, or was told by his grade school teachers that it was time to pick a different research paper topic, weather presentations 3 separate times was enough! Chris continues his love for weather by taking part in leadership roles for the meteorology club at WestConn. One of which is leading the BRIDGE program, where bright middle school level students get taught the basics of weather and how to apply it in the real world, which can't be done without the help of his wonderful meteorology peers! Chris has hopes of one day landing a job as a broadcast meteorologist or behind the scenes forecaster, to apply his knowledge and passion!

Latest Articles

  • Storms from CT to Wisconsin 07/18/2012
    A few shots of the first pretty good shelf cloud I've ever seen before. As a CT native the trees sometimes make it hard to see the awesome views, but in Madison, WI, the view can be much different!     
  • Climate Comparison Between Connecticut and Southern Wisconsin
    Connecticut’s weather has been anything but “normal” in the past couple years. Ranging from crippling snowstorms before Halloween, to high temperatures in the 80s before the first day...
  • A Look at Upside Down Temperatures Across the U.S
    So you think in March that traveling to El Paso, TX would be a warmer vacation versus let’s say, Burlington, VT? Think again. This week’s incredible weather pattern between the Bermuda like...
  • Keeping Man's Best Friend Fit
    Now that we are warming up to spring, (rather quickly too!) we humans are not the only ones that have spring fever.  It’s easy during the winter time to forget about our canine friends, and...
  • Vectors, Gradients, and Triple Integration...HELP!
    So if you take the square-root of the X function and make sure to integrate the Y function with respect to Z, the answer is…something that looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Someone please help me! Meteorology...
  • Can You Get a Sunburn in March?
    Danbury reached a high of 70 degrees today under mostly sunny skies! Although the calendar says March 12th, warm temperatures and an increasing sun angle will become responsible for an increasing UV index...
  • Severe Storms and the Most Forgetful Feature
    Last summer, on August 1st, severe thunderstorms rolled across the state of CT and approached southeastern CT. For any of those that live in the quiet corner, we know that during those hot summer...
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